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Castle Eilean Donan

Also can I just show you all one of the most beautiful photos ever. Donna Mills, a friend of ours, and photographer extraordinaire took this whilst we were all up in Scotland In June for Kellie and Otto's wedding. They got married *in* this beautiful castle.
I'm going to attempt to paint it.

See more of Donna's work Here.. http://www.ladytwiglet.co.uk/
..and also.. http://www.facebook.com/radiantweddings

I so want to go back there again.

Are we still on for New Year up there, guys?

On Jonathon Ross....

Haha Vin Diesel plays WoW?

...and Jane Goldman is level 80 and rides the Spectral Tiger????

She is now officially my new heroine.


It's been an odd weekend...

...started off on Friday morning in the worst way really. Then got worse.

Been nice having the Teaboy Chipster around, it's been a good excuse to buy chocolate.
Although we have been very, very bad and have gone to the Dark Side. (or not.. depends on how you look at it) ;D
It's been a lot of fun, and i've been glad of the cheering up xx

Chiney Foo on the way, Nom!
I appear to have a very stuffed blokey sat on my couch.
Observations from today.

1. I always have friends I can rely on to cheer me up when it's really really needed. xx

2. (Removed as it might make someone feel more self important than they already do *rolls eyes*.)

3. It's nice to be found again by someone from 20 years ago. Jeebus! That long? ..and he's not changed one bit!

4. I have been well and truly corrected. This is linked to #1 ;)

5. There are kids trampolining at the end of the street...they must be frickin freezing - I recognise this to be totally random.

6. I love everything about my house.

7. I just made the perfect batter for later.

8, I just cannot stop laughing at THIS

This post was brought to you by - Distraction From Friday™

Shrove Tuesday

Okay so I burned the first pancake.
The smoke detector works.
So do my tear ducts.
The weekend.

It was strange..I spent it with my extended family. We shared stories about Nan, about the one time she got drunk on brandy and babycham, about the time she went to the school to sort out a teacher who had thrown a board rubber at my Mum and given her a black eye. She told him she'd give him a shiner too. He was tall and actually said to her she wasn't big enough...:O...so she stood on a chair and smacked him one. LOL!

Saturday evening was spent in the house she brought me up in until I was 8. It's now owned by my cousin Cath and her Husband Billy. It looks so small now i'm not 8 anymore...looked at the vestibule door which was once glass panelled and remembered the day I slipped and fell head first through it...and the Nan cuddles I got afterwards.

It seems i've been put forward to read a poem out at the funeral on Friday. I'm not sure i'll be able to actually get through it..but i'll bloody well try.

Last night was spent in the company of a Rick. Battlestar was watched and 'Oooo-ed' over..then We took the laptop up and attempted to watch Rise of The Lycans...but gave in to sleep. Bloody good so far though.

I'm knackered today after being way too warm during the night...and not sure I can actually face work.


I was right about work. After about half an hour of being there, I requested Friday off and the crash came. Neil and Fay said I should go home. It's Fay's fault. She hugged me and it just set me off. Much needed though methinks.


..and she's gone.

In her sleep, about half an hour ago.
Goodnight and sleep well wonderful lady. xxx


This evening after work I went to visit Nan in the nursing home.
It breaks my heart to see her like that.

The morphine began today. The Doc who examined her has informed us that he believes she has a broken leg with severe bruising in her upper thigh. The nursing staff seem to think it's possibly her hip.
This has obviously happened during the move from hospital.

Jesus! Like she's not in enough pain already.

This wonderful lady, who never did any harm to anybody...ending her days in so much pain
It breaks me completely.

...and you know something? She's not complained once. All she's been wanting is a hand to hold so she knows someone is there.

So next time you feel the need to whinge about sod all...think of my Nan, eh?